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Bay Pine Villas



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Unhappy707 • Resident 1993 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/06/2005
As one of the oldest residents of Bay Pine Villas, I would like to address the dowwnward spiral of services and management over the last 2 years or so. Prior to being consolidated ith the Realty Masters office things ran fairly smoothly. Maintenance was down in a timely manner and complaints and violations of rules were addressed and corrected.<br><br>In the last year and one half things have changed. i have a list of several maintenance items that have been pending for a least 1 1/2 years. I have a bedroom window that is jammed shut and opens only a small way with much effort. it has been this way since approx. April 2004. I have made probably 20 or so requests to have it fixed. it still is not fixed. Not only is it a safety hazzard, it could be a fire code violation, since no one would be able to exit through it in an emergency.<br><br>Also the strips under on one door is completely worn out and rain leaks in in a heavy rain. Again at leat 1 q/2 years of requests, no maintenance.<br><br>So maintenance now is zero, unless it is an emergency.<br><br>Parking is good for those who abide by the rules. But the rules are enforced differently for different tenants. One tenants up the street from me appears to be running a used car lot, with sometimes 5-6 or more cars all over the place and in the street.<br>.<br>Also a county issue, the street floods very badly everytime it rains. The county has come out and looked at it several times, the operative word being looked, since nothings has ever been done. And eveytime on calls them they act as if it is a new thing.<br><br>I have live here many years and things have gotten to a point where I will move as soon as the lease is up. Every new lease brings more expenses for the tenants. Now there is talk of tenants making all repairs under $50 at their expense. We don't own these buildings and the rent keeps going up and more expenses each time.<br><br>Highly recommend anyone avoid this complex when looking for housing.<br><br>
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Bay Pine Villas

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