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Jamestown Estates



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Cb56172 • Resident 2015 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/10/2017
Unfortunately, I disagree with the rest of the reviews here. I've been here a year simply because I was locked into a lease. If it had not been for that, I would have left after just 3 months there. It seems nice at first until you begin to see your neighbors' and management's true personalities. Maintenance can be very rude if an issue interrupts them from sitting in their AC garage. There are various neighbors who complain about any and everything, essentially making the pool and living there unenjoyable. The miserable ----------------------------------------- will yell out from her patio at anyone in the pool, as well as flip you off if you try to enjoy music while laying out or swimming. She has a recurring habit of calling the cops and peeping out her window. There is another incredibly evil and conniving old lady, whose balcony also overlooks the pool, that harasses young girls for the swimsuits they wear if they are not one piece suits. She has come down to the pool before and threatened me for wearing a suit she deemed inappropriate. There is also a gentleman that lives near the pool, who I've caught more than once spying on ladies, myself included, laying out at the pool with binoculars. And if that all wasn't bad enough, I have tried to make management-------------------------------------, aware of these issues and they have failed miserably at resolving any of them. The management is very one sided with those that have been residents longest, hence them having not resolved any issues other than those of the senior residents. In addition to that, management gets very rude with you which is extremely unprofessional and unappealing. I hope anyone reading this will seriously reconsider looking elsewhere, this place is not worth the money and the harassment of the management and neighbors that feel they are entitled to do as they please. There is a perfectly good apartment complex a stones throw away from Jamestown that you'd be better off investing your time and money into.
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Jamestown Estates

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