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Jasmine Creek Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/14/2007
DO NOT MOVE HERE, FOR THE PRICE YOU PAY TO LIVE HERE YOU CAN LIVE SOMEWHERE MUCH NICER. The only reason we moved in here was because they do accept large dogs, which is the only upside to this place. From day one (after they got our money) the staff has been rude and unaccomidating. Something new breaks every day, and the maintinence staff is worthless, theyll blame you for everything and give you an attitude if you ask for their help. The office staff is even worse, the manager, i think her name is Tanya (Bigger lady with dark hair) is EXTREMELY rude and never willing to help you with anything. It doesnt matter what you ask her for, shes going to give you unneccesary attitude. I only hope the owners know what kind of people they have working for them. I like the other person have had people come into my apartment without any record being made, luckily i was not locked out but being a young female, it does make me a bit nervous. Ive never lived in a place like this, and hopefully i never will again!! The grounds are filthy, there is no landscaping on most of it, so theres mud and dirt everywhere, the tennis court is a cesspool of cracks and dog poop, not one peice of equipment in the gym actually works and theres NEVER any parking. DO NOT MOVE HERE.. ITS OVERPRICED FOR WHAT YOU GET. IF YOU MOVE HERE GOOD LUCK... YOURE GOING TO BE MISERABLE FOR THE WHOLE TERM OF YOUR LEASE. Make sure you get a copy of your lease by the way WHEN YOU SIGN IT. The one we signed we couldnt even read hardly and when we asked for a copy they gave us a completely different document than what we signed.
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Jasmine Creek Apartments

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