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Park on the Square Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/12/2007
The complex looks very nice and tidy. The bedrooms are huge and the apartments are in excellent shape. <br><br>BUT<br><br>1. The staff is very unfriendly. They recently added another woman who is very nice, but everyone else is not friendly at all. The only time I ever saw her smile was when I signed the lease.<br><br>2. They say you can call a night security man with any issues whether it's to walk you from your apartment to your car or a noise issue. I've called the number THREE times on THREE different occasions for noise levels, and I never once received a response. I called the office to let them know, and they said they would check on it: never received a response. I had to finally call the police who DID show up, and they did something about it.<br><br>3. Security isn't so hot here. The gate is broken more than it is fixed; we have creepy solicitors walking around, and I made a complaint about that, and they were still waltzing around an hour later. <br><br>4. Parking sucks. If you try to park after 5pm, good luck. I'm not sure if it's just my building or what, but when I try to park after 5 p.m., I'm stuck having to park about 4 or 5 buildings down.<br><br>5. The back fence on the property is full of mold. IF you're allergic and have a pet, you're screwed.
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Park on the Square Apartments

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