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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/02/2007
The appearance of the apartment complex is very nice, but what looks nice isn't always so. I would have to agree with some of the other reviews when it comes down to bad management. Actually let me rephrase that, HORRIBLE management. I had problems with them even before I moved into my apartment. They had my money and promised me an inaccurate move in date. I had to call them every week and every week they would tell me to wait until the next week. After weeks and weeks of calling, they finally told me my apartment was ready. Due to the huge delay, I requested a 6 month lease, instead they agreed to allow me to get out of my 1 year lease after 6 months if I choose to. I accepted the offer.<br><br>So when I get into my apartment, I have huge bleach spots on my carpet because of their cleaning company. They promised to come back the next day to dye it back, but never did. I called on it I don't know how many times, spoke to management face to face, and even wrote a letter. Action never was taken. <br><br>My kitchen light went out, a light that required a specific type of bulb that they carried, it took them a week to do that. Their lame excuse was they didn't have a key to my apartment and I gave them a copy of my key like 3 times. I never understood why this was the case, considering the fact that the lock had not been changed since I moved into the apartment. So I decided to walk down to my apartment with maint. using the key that they claimed didn't unlock my door and what do you know, it unlocked the door perfectly fine. So that goes to show you they made up this uncreditable lie to avoid WORKING. Oh need I mention they have a huge maint. crew that either lay around on the office furniture doing nothing or drag around and appear to be picking up trash. They are just straight lazy.<br><br>There are so many other things I could mention as well. I wouldn't recommend this apartment complex to no one.
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