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The Flats at 9th Avenue

7601 North 9th Avenue

Pensacola, FL 32514



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/09/2013
This place has been one problem after another. This really isn't a property you can settle in and call 'home.' Construction in this place is a joke. Walls are paper thin, BOTH of the apartments I've lived in at this property have had leaking roofs (one of which flooded into my kitchen)not addressed for weeks after the issue. (solution for the first: a bucket in our bedroom) Cracks all over the walls/ceilings, patched with spackle and nothing more. The maintenance crew does their best, and they're about the only upstanding people that work there. Tragically the foundation they have to work on isn't quality. Renovated units means: wood printed vinyl floors. Cabinetry is press board, that in FL humidity swell, crumble, and warp. The doors don't align, and the drawers don't seat properly. My front door has been kicked in at some point since its hanging, and is repaired by screws and paint. (the solution to most problems here is to apply a new coat of paint- it's thick on every wall, everywhere) Dumpsters are always full, and one can count on finding large stacks of dog poop along the parking lot. Mildew accumulates around leaking windows, and you can count on drafts from the doors. Walls are built as drywall on cinder block and is very soft in places, so be warned if you plan on hanging anything with a screw or nail. Due to the walls being thinner, there's no privacy here, and anyone standing near a breezeway can be heard clearly. You will know what your neighbors are doing (in our case, drugs and parties). Drug dealers do make passes through this complex, so be warned if you have to be outside in the dark. Street lights are spotty working sometimes but not others making for some dark areas. The complex acknowledges that there is not adequate parking for the residents, and the most recent solution is to tow anyone not between two white lines, however it's OK to leave a disabled vehicle in a parking space for months without question. This of course seems backwards because it is. The plumbing is lackluster at best, and don't count on long hot showers -including leaks from faucets that never go away. The laundry room on site is a coin operated building, and sometimes it is very difficult to find a free washer/dryer. The laundry room is always filthy, with miscellaneous clothing/underwear/trash on the floors. Management here is a revolving door, if you stay more than a year, count on a few different faces. In the two years I've lived here I've had the pleasure of dealing with 6 different office managers. They certainly seem more interested in keeping the entrance flowers pretty than taking care of the needs of the tenants and the plainly inadequate conditions of the apartments themselves. To sum up, this is not a place where you ever feel 'settled', and you are constantly intruded upon, be it by noise, safety concerns, staff, or inconveniences. It's best advised to find somewhere else to go.
The Flats at 9th Avenue Manager07/18/2013

Thank you for taking the time to write a review and bring these items to our attention. As you stated we are aware of the parking issues we have, and we are walking the property daily to ensure we provide as much parking as possible without becoming a fire hazard. If you could please contact the office to schedule an appointment to address each one of your concerns, we would appreciate any feedback you have. We would like to thank you for your two years of continuing rental with us and look forward to hearing from you.

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The Flats at 9th Avenue

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