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Avana Bayview Apartments

1631 South Federal Highway

Pompano Beach, FL 33062



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/13/2007
I always kept my apartment spotless, however, there seemed to be an endless trail of sugar ants invading my apartment. The ants were not only in the kitchen, but also in the bathroom and I even found them in my purses that I hung on my closet door. Despite the cleanliness of my apartment and the fact that all foods outside of the refrigerator were kept in gallon-size plastic bags, the ants were always present. The office had an exterminator come to my apartment at least 2x per month for a good 6 months, however, all attempts to rid of the ants were unsuccessful. After a good 6 months of most likely breathing in harsh chemicals from the exterminator, I decided to stop requesting the help of the office in getting an exterminator to prevent any damage on my health. <br><br>When I tried to find where the ants were coming from, I noticed that the residence had failed to caulk a lot of seams in my apartment. For instance, where the bar in the kitchen connects to the wall, there should have been caulking to close the seam but there wasn't. And, coincidentally, that's where I saw the ants coming out of. But, the ants didn't just come out of there, they also came from behind my refrigerator and across the wall of the kitchen, and from inside of my sink in the bathroom. <br><br>When I was talking about this issue in the gym one day after another resident and I saw 2 large red ants crawling across the carpet by the weight machines, he told me that he was experiencing the same problem that I was in his apartment. He claimed that he had trails of small ants throughout his office, even though there weren't any traces of food in that room whatsoever.<br><br>Part of the problem with the ants may be due to the trash rooms located within the residence buildings. They are right across from and right next to many apartments on each floor, and they are not well-kept at all. People often leave their bags of trash all over the floors of these trash rooms because shoving the bags down the trash shute is apparently too much work. Pizza boxes, cat litter, beer bottles, etc. were always all over the floors of the trash rooms - which may coincide with the ant problem.
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Avana Bayview Apartments

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