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Ocean Oaks Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/26/2007
When I first moved to this development I liked it for the very first month. We had very little issues.<br><br>Then the upstairs neighbors moved in and it's been hell since.<br><br>Let me digress a bit. We did have a bad leak with our water heater and it was fixed but not in a timely manner. Our neighbor actually had to help us complain because the wall was soaking wet. Our carpet molded and they did not replace it.<br><br>Our A.C. unit is very ancient and is completely rusted. They tell us there is not enough money in budget to replace it. It makes our electricy bills sky high. During the summer we had to suffer with keeping our thermostat at 80-85 just to avoid $200 bills.<br><br>The appliances are very mediocre and not energy efficient which futher raises the electricity bill.<br><br>Let's also not forget about our outrageous water bills. They do not even have meters to read to actually calculate the gallons you use. You will receive a "guesstimate" post card in the mail. I think everyone is just randomly pro-rated based on who lives there.<br><br>The parking is pretty bad as well, most nights when you come home there isn't a place to park close to your building. This compromises your safety. The rule is no more than 1 car per resident per building. HA! That's never been enforced.<br><br>How about the brand new screened in porches? Well they fill up with water and the place floods and they also have no door for you to get out. You're trapped in there. I feel it violates the fire code. I suppose they think you'll have time to find a knife in case you need to get out during a fire.<br><br>Now let me get back to the upstairs neighbors. I guess they think it's a place to have a rodeo. Most of the day they stop and whack the walls. They throw KFC wrappers under our cars. They play loud music and most of the time it feels like our celiing is going to collapse.<br><br>Complaining to managment gets you no where and the police offer little to no help.<br><br>Honestly the worst complex I've ever been in.
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Ocean Oaks Apartments

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