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Allegro Palm



Resident · 2014 - 2015
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Office Staff
The front office does a great job at getting you to rent with them, however they are not completely forthcoming with all details. We were rented an apartment in a building with german roaches. They let us sign our lease and gave us our keys and never once said they had a problem. We discovered the problem the night we moved in when we had to kill 2 of them in the master bedroom. They told us they didn't know there was an issue, however they had already lined Massey to come in and "treat" all apartments in the building for a few weeks and we were assured the problem would be alleviated in a short amount of time. Now going on seven months we are still killing them. We have made it known to the front office you still have a problem in the building and it still needs treated, but you have to ask for them to come weekly to treat. I have never had to deal with the type of roach that infests and want to warn anyone looking to move into this apartment complex that you have the chance of dealing with this same problem. We were not warned what we were walking in to. The apartments are nice, yes. However, dealing with what we have been dealing with the last few months has been a nightmare. We had a friend come over and we were sitting at our table, one crawled across our table in front of her. She has not come back since. So we are paying over $1000 a month for rent and cannot have people over our house for the chance that may happen again and would rather not deal with the embarrassment. In talking to neighbors in the building, they all have the same problem however our hands our tied as the problem is managed rather than erradicated. I wish I had been told this was an issue as I would have never signed a lease. I have attached a picture of the latest intruder that lost its life this morning. It is unsanitary and disgusting to have to live with these things and I cannot wait to be able to move!
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Allegro Palm

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