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Allegro Palm



Resident · 2014 - 2015
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Office Staff
I looked at lots of commmunities in the area before choosing Allegro Palm. I ended up renting from a private owner as about half of the community here is privately owned from the condo conversion in 2005. The community seemed safe and was the best price comparatively. Staff is very nice and friendly. The problem is the people that live here and their guests. CONSTANT tailgating in the resident and guest entrance leads to broken gates and gate arms. The property is covered with dog poop as most of the people here DO NOT pick up after their dogs. All around the beautiful lake it wreaks of dog poop. It is everywhere! I walk my dog and pick up ALWAYS and constantly see people letting their LARGE dogs (no weight restrictions here) let their dogs poop on the grass and sidewalks and then walk away. It is awful.....seriosuly bad! The other issue is valet trash. The service is great except some nights they come through after 11 pm gathering trash and they are LOUD. Problem is, residents refusing to use their valet trash can or piling trash on top of it. It looks trashy, smells and attracts rodents and pests. No valet pick up on Friday and Saturday but these people will pile the trash outside their door all weekend anyway even though the rules and lease state that it is not allowed....same with the dog poop pick up. It really is a beautiful community that is being taken down a few notches by the lazy trash that lives there. The only other issue would be landscaping. Lots of dead trees and shrubbery....either sits their dead or they pull it out and never replace it so their are lots of empty spaces that appear "dead" with no plants. Cost cutting will destroy this place.
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Allegro Palm

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