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Ponce Harbor

225 Ponce Harbor Drive

Saint Augustine, FL 32086



Resident · 2013 - 2015
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Office Staff
Writing this in a hurry cause I've been wanting to review this trash hole for a while..sorry for the quick grammar.. I lived at Ponce Harbor for over two years, until my family and I could do better. When we first discovered the apartment complex, it was during the morning hours with school in session. Everything seemed really nice and convenient on the surface. There is a big pond, swimming pool, volley ball net, and a little gym. We moved in under a sunny Florida idea of the perfect apartment community, that was close to everything around town. Within the first 3 months at Ponce, the true colors started showing. We had noisy neighbors on every-side. They made noise all day and night. I worked some nights and would try to sleep in the middle of the day but would get rudely awakened by vibrating walls, blasting out trash music. The apartment above us kept making a sound like someone was in restraints all night long and into the day. Our 5 year old kid couldn't even play on the playground because of rough kids occupying the place, throwing there trash all over the place and using "R" rated language. We would prepare dinner and sit down at the rinky-dinky dining area and kids would come up to our window and peak in our apartment, along with people walking by and starring at us... When we went to swim at the pool, it looked like some kind of drug rehab fun day for addicts. One man acted like a meth head starting trying to swim and play around our daughter.. he took her pool toy and started acting like an idiot.. I would swim underwater and there was all kinds of hairs..band aids..etc..We left the pool and never used it again.. There's huge roaches! We had 2 roach encounters while there. Very gross! The gym is a Big joke! The equipment is always broke for weeks and there's unoccupied kids coming in there tearing it up all the time. Cops are always driving around the complex at night looking for drug dealers and criminals.. We witnesses several bust while living there. Not nice coming home after work and driving through a scene from C.O.P.s. There is no privacy at all. Nearly everyone in the apartments smoke and throw their butts on the ground.. There's always a dirty kitchen smell, with the mixture of smoke smells. Almost every 3 weeks, the complex sticks a notice about inspecting the apartments. They invade and inspect your home every month. It's very unnecessary. The garbage is always a problem! About every couple of weeks the trash container breaks and piles and piles of trash stacks up around the apartments. You'll come home from work and see stray cats picking out of the trash...Cops looking for people..and unbearable noise from undisciplined kids. All-in-all the place is zoo and we couldn't wait to get out of that dump! Don't be deceived by the model images and information they put on Craigslist, etc. It's all a sham.. trust me! They will get you in on a rental rate and then raise the rent. They want you to keep turning in paper work and verification every 6 months. The management doesn't care about you. You're just a number in their housing project. For example, we had rent die by the 5th...and 1 particular month, my pay didn't come through until the 5th.. I took the rent payment over to the office after work that day.. They were closed due to some sort of nonsense..so I put it in the box... The very next day, we had a notice on the door about paying our rent late and there was a late fee for $50.00. I was shocked! I confronted the office ladies and they were looking at me like I was from another planet...and still had us pay the payment, even though the rent wasn't technically late. That's the kind of management you will be dealing with. We were also informed that you couldn't make over 40k/year to start a lease...never heard of such nonsense in my life..I thought rent is rent..period... however the manager said one you move in, you can make a million dollars and it won't matter anymore after moving in.. well, that is a big lie.. We didn't know until later on that Ponce is really just glorified government project housing!! Our salaries increased so therefore we could have been kicked out over making too much money.. What a crock of bull!! I thought people got rejected and thrown out for not making rent or not having the money to pay..but not Ponce...they are more concerned with being in some sort of project housing program.. This is not a place to enjoy, unless you like noisy..bad hygiene neighbors, who may be on probation. Run away from this place!
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Ponce Harbor

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