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Whispering Woods

210 Whispering Woods Lane

Saint Augustine, FL 32084



Resident · 2018 - 2021
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
This entire complex is within 1000’ of a k-5 school and there are literally a dozen people here selling hard drugs. If you’re female, they’ll even stop you in the street while you’re driving by to sell or trade you for some. Most of these dealers aren’t even on the lease and therefore haven’t passed a background check. Large groups of mostly young black children (even toddlers) roam the parking lot, unsupervised (despite that being against the “community standards”) vandalizing cars, motorcycles and stealing packages from your doorstep. I’ve lived across from a crack dealer who attempted to assault me. Brianna in the office refused to do anything about it. I’ve talked to Beth in the office repeatedly about kids vandalizing property. And she lives here in the same hallway as the kids who are doing it but she always conveniently forgets who they are, even when shown pictures. There are four security cameras.... and they’re all on the corners of the single-home size office at the main entrance. The 12-13 buildings with 16 apartments per building have zero cameras, and are extremely poorly lit. About half of the outside building lights are out and have been for months. Trash bags literally get thrown in the sidewalk and on the edge of the woods. You generally wake up a half dozen times a night due to the bass blasting out of people’s cars. SJSO may as well set up a substation here as many deputies as are usually present. The stairs are falling apart and staircases get roped off for weeks until someone gets around to fixing the one broken step and ignoring the five other about to break. And the rent keeps going up. Pit terriers run off the leash, as do at least 3 other dogs whose owners simply let the, out as though the complex is their backyard. The entrance gates that require keycards, haven’t worked in over a year. They’re open night and day, with anyone able to wander in and out. Oh! And there’s a homeless community set up about 150’ from the front office, so that’s nice. This place is in violation of Florida statute 83.51 and has been the entire three years I lived here. This is a really bad place to live. Do yourself a favor and move into a trailer park. There are some decent people with fixed income who can’t move and it’s really sad watching the stuff that goes on here.
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Whispering Woods Manager


Hi Brent, thank you for sharing your concerns. We want to connect with you and talk about your observations in detail. At your soonest convenience, please email our regional team at [email protected] Be sure to refer to this review and the apartment name in the subject line or body of the email so we can expedite our response. We look forward to assisting you.

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Whispering Woods

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