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TheLittleBirdieWhoKnows • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/08/2005
I'm a past tenant of theirs and let me just say that I am now skilled to engage in the rules of business combat with scumlords like they are. I moved into Casa-de-HELL in August 2002, on a 12 month lease. I was 18 at that time, and my parents both passed away while I was 14. Anyhow, I lived with my grandmother until I turned 18. She was in the beginning stages of Alzheimers, and was to sign her P.O.A over to my Aunt. Did I mention she was living on a "fixed" income? So, I enrolled into SPC, and got awarded the full amount of a Pell Grant. I used the money to purchase my first apartment, and guess where? I was naive, and told Mary while in the move-in process that I was a first-time college student, and renter. I moved in and got a job at Mortgage Investors Corporation as an appointment setter and was earning $12/hour. I was always on the go...<br> 5 Months after my move in date I started to have MOLD (black, toxic, disgusting, FILTH) start to creep through the paint inside of my apartment. I went and complained calmly to Mary that something needed to be done. She assured me that "Steve" the fix-it guy was to come sometime that week and handle it. I foolishly believed it, yet maintanence came 2 days later with a stirring stick, a "off-white" paint can, and a brush to paint over the LIVING MOLD!!! I said "NO!" and marched to Mary's office. She then showed her true colors. I called her a "SCUMLORD" and told her that I was NOT going to pay for that mess of an apartment. Well, knowing that I was not schooled in the procedure & prodocol for these types of situations she told me that if I wanted out I was to sign an "AGREEMENT TO VACATE" which SHE said was that I agreed to move out and not return or attempt to rent again. I said so this is not an eviction? She said "no". So, later that week I moved out to a friend's place elsewhere. However, after discussing what happened with my Aunt, she was Pi$$ed- but explained that what Mary had forgot to mention was that it meant that I would leave on month 5, but pay $550 for 7 more remaining months!!! So, I happened to drive past there recently, and it MUST be under new management- it looks so different, so...NICE. Landscaping, gated access, etc. I have contacted TransUnion, Experian, Equafax to DISPUTE this place. Thank-you to you tenants who speak out, as by the MANY other accounts of complaints from other tenants over an extended period of time, it was REMOVED...I now live in a TownHouse, where they have pride in themselves as well as the working community as a whole.
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