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Westlake Apartments

1000 Cardinal Cove Circle

Sanford, FL 32771



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misery_rayne502 • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/02/2007
Unfortunately my husband and I got sucked in by the pretty landscaping, the pools and the friendly leasing people. The price was high, but we thought it seemed like a worthwhile investment. Yeah, not so much. - The water is undrinkable. Seriously, I won't even give it to my cat or hamster (seriously, they both get bottled water). It comes out smelling rusty and full of chlorine. Our shower is rust stained and god forbid you don't get your clothes into the dryer immediately - you end up having to wash them again because of the water quality. I know FL water is bad, but this is ridiculous. The smell is almost enough to make me gag in the morning. - Apartment invasions: Okay, maybe that's not an accurate description, but it's the first thing that came to mind. I absolutely hate that you get less than 24 hours of notice for things like Pest Control, Bank Inspection, etc. I understand that those are necessary thing, but I see no reason why we can't know about them at the beginning of the month or sooner so that tenants can plan accordingly. My husband and I were working third shift for a while and, I'm sorry but a knock on the door at 10am when you went to bed at 5 is NOT pleasant. Nor do I like the idea of people coming into my apartment when I'm not there. I think sometime during the first few months they were painting the doors and were literally going through and unlocking the doors, leaving them open and some people were painting them. If I hadn't been there to lock up the cat, she would have gotten out. Besides who knows if things would've been stolen? - Parking - it sucks big time. There are more than enough spots up in front of each building to give each apartment one assigned space, leave the rest free for whatever. I know there are people that have more than 2 cars, which is the max the lease says is allowed. It makes parking horrible. And god forbid you have to bring groceries upstairs - you run the risk of your car being towed after 3 minutes (this almost happened to us - and we'd JUST bought the car). - Breezeways - while they're not filthy, they're not exactly clean. This entire summer we've been dealing with HUGE spiders and webs throughout the breezeways. I didn't feel safe walking through there - who knew if they were poisonous or what? Not to mention the bugs that line the hall light covers ... it's really gross >.< - Pet policy ... if you're looking for a community where there aren't any big dogs, don't look here. People don't seem to feel the need to adhere to the under 25lb policy. Not a huge complaint, but frustrating all the same. - Somewhat shoddy fixtures, etc - The light in our kitchen was literally half falling out of our ceiling. No, we didn't do anything to it - we don't even have a step ladder that's tall enough for us to DO anything to it. Just woke up one morning and it was hanging out. Handles on the toilets broke really easy. Cabinet space SUCKS - no really. The same goes for drawers. We don't have a single drawer we can put our silverware in unless we want to store it in one of the bathrooms. Closet doors aren't always the best condition either - one of ours has a huge crack in it (there when we moved in) and we had to have maintenance come up and get it to close properly when we moved in. As far as the office staff goes, I really don't have any complaints. They've been pretty nice to us and all that. I do wish we'd only signed a 1 year lease, but I'm pretty sure we're stuck here for 2, which isn't a real pleasant idea. They have improved the lighting and have added a rent-a-cop onto the payroll during the night. Definitely a plus, but not quite enough to make me want to stay here long term, which is what my hubby and I were looking for. I could genuinely see some people liking this place if they don't mind investing in a full water filtration system, hiking to their apartment, don't require a lot of maintenance and will fix things themselves, don't mind strangers traipsing through their home while they're at work, can deal with the occasional police activity, lots of kids wandering around unsupervised, can deal with people who have large dogs and don't care about paying inflated prices. If, however, you're looking for an affordable, comfortable and convenient place to live - there have got to be better choices out there. If you're gonna come see the apartments, come in the afternoon and talk to residents - make a point of it. Don't go on the word of the leasing staff, nice as they can be (my experience, others seem to have had really bad experience!).
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Westlake Apartments

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