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Huntington Place



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UnhappyRenting2007 • Resident 2004 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/29/2007
I've lived at Huntington PL for a couple years. My suggestion to anyone considering these apartments. Walk around the grounds. Take note of dog poo and beer bottles under bushes and on sidewalks. Broken glass in parking lots not from construction but from beer bottles. The new manager and assistant are very protective of the (mostly underage)partiers who drink, like to make noise, fight and vandelize property, slash car tires etc. What we are reminded of when complaining is that the partiers have rights too. Numerous complaints/police reports have been done by many many residents who simply want to live by the rules in peace. Most of the drinking is done by underage drinkers OUTDOORS and management IS aware of it and have have witnessed it. There must be a law against this no? A group of us are looking into any rights as tenants we might have to stop this nightmare until we are able to move out and just let them have it. This is by far the most lax apartment complex I've ever lived in as far as rules go. There basically are no rules. The apts are under construction and looking nicer but it's only paint. There will still be broken glass and dog poo every few feet. Without rules the fresh paint means nothing. The gate is a waste of time and money as well as we are being locked in with the problem. Something else from the new manager I've heard her say at least 3 times (Please be patient as I'm not familiar with Florida Law yet) and she adds "keep calling and filing reports that's all I know to tell you". I would think that would be something the complex might have looked into before hiring. That's ok. I'm having it looked into myself.
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Huntington Place

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