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tellthetruth2012 • Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/27/2012
Shawn, Thanks for sharing about your business. In all fairness, I think I should tell you what it is that I do. I fight for the truth and what is right every day. As the saying goes, either you're in on it or too stupid to notice, but either way you are out. Kyle doesnt work there anymore, I think he went across the street or something. How is it that you would be able to make a judgement about the payment history of tenants as a resident? You wouldn't. Any complex that needs a full time Marketing Director clearly has image challenges. Ive been in foreign countries that have fewer manual gaps and oversight than The Tuscany apartments in Sarasota. If fraud is your business Shawn Bettinger, I would agree that The Tuscany is the place for you. In other news, the unauthorized entry of units, the pay to play antics required to get anything fixed in the nasty apartments, or the not to code smoke detectors are just a few things a prospective tenant has to look forward to when considering The Tuscany apartments in Sarasota. The drug deals and people out in the street on the 3rd of the month are about as subtle as my post. This is not a resort or a luxury community. One could live in New Town for half the rent and have the same experience. The upstanding citizens that live in The Tuscany don't make eye contact with anyone and rush their children to their cars without fooling around. The visitors that are tricked into believing this is a vacation rental are going to line up for a refund if they are smart. The residents that are lied to about minimum lease terms may want to consider that as well. There is a legal argument that I dont expect a loan processor to know, but a tort lawyer would understand the risk for issues at The Tuscany. This review of The Tuscany apartments in Sarasota is the truth as I know it. Oh and ps, I pay my rent on time every month. Because its the right thing to do unless you believe your bank should forgive their loan and modify your payment because they dont feel like paying anymore.
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The Tuscany

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