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Marcell Garden Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/03/2007
Five years ago this place was beautiful with all it's tropical plants, and the management was great! Then a new manager came in, and she has let the place run down since 2004. The pool has holes in the gunite on all sides and bottom. They never shock the pool, and their are lots of kids peeing in it. Their excuse is that they would have to close the pool..Some residents have gotten sick and they still won't shock the pool. The residents would rather have it closed overnight once a week, than get the many diseases and parasites that you can contract. The grounds are pityful- The guy who calls himself a "Landscaper" just mows, and hangs out talking to residents for 40 hrs. every week. There are thousand of $$ in tropical plants, all overgrown with vines or asparagus fern. This guy never pulls a weed, instead the residents take care of the areas by their entries and porches, so they can walk by, and keep the rats away. There are rats in all this undergrowth by apt. porches and around the pool. It has truely turned into a dump! Car break-ins are frequent, and non-residents are always using the washers and dryers in the laundry near the pool, so residents have to wait to use the machines..If you call the office rarely does anyone answer, and the manager is out of the office more than in. Everyone is afraid to tell her about the problems, because she has such an attitude towards them after that. I suggest you look for a place that is not turned into the getto!
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Marcell Garden Apartments

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