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4284 Southeast Cove Lake Circle, Stuart, FL 34997
4284 Southeast Cove Lake Circle, Stuart, FL 34997

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Heritage Cove



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 - 2014 Not Recommended

Reviewed 04/01/2014

I lived in Willoughby Cove for the last year, and moved out almost a month ago. When I first moved in, I really admired the gorgeous scenery, the well-decorated office, the large hot-tub, and the show apartment. However, the mirage was quickly wiped away when I finally moved into my apartment. I thought it was a bit high for a 1/1, but took it anyway for the added amenities and security that I thought I would be getting. The apartment you could tell was quickly painted and prepped for the move-in, paint was sprayed on the cheap metal closet doors, as well as the tub tile, bathroom mirror, and microwave. The paint throughout the apartment was also flat in some areas, and semi-gloss in others. The walls are strong and for the most part, sound-proof (except the bathroom, where you can hear neighbor's apartments). The inside of our apartment was structurally sound apart from a few blemishes, but everything just felt a lot cheaper than what I was paying for. Our location also put us right in the back under a lot of Palm Trees, effectively making it humid 24/7 with maybe 30 minutes of sun per day reaching our windows. The parking is also atrocious. I was told that each apartment gets 1,2, or 3 parking passes depending on the bedrooms you have. However, if you come back home after 9pm, good luck finding a spot within a quarter mile of your building, and if you have to park on a curb that's not already taken, you might just have your car defaced. The office knows about this issue, but keeps giving out parking passes (sometimes up to 3 for a one bedroom) without any regulation or reprimands. Last, but not certainly least, is the staff. Rude and uncaring in matters dealing with parking, or maintenance, or noise, or people. Casually will brush off any problems you have to focus on different matters, and won't take anything you'll say to heart. Extremely unpersonable, and money-oriented through and through. All in all this apartment wasn't BAD, but nowhere near the quality I expected for the price. Go down the street to a higher rated complex for almost $100/mo less.
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Heritage Cove

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