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getmeoutofosceola • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/24/2007
It all started in June 2006 when I came to Osceola to move into my suite with my roommate, (I had signed a lease in February). The office had accidentally given away our suite, so therefore they would be placing us in an apartment for the summer. So we begin to move into our apartment and the first thing we notice is soaking wet carpets, even though the office told me that the place had been cleaned this morning, it was now 4:00 pm, and the carpets were still wet? Yeah, very unlikely. Not to mention, a broken toilet that was leaking all over the bathroom, a door that opens the wrong way inside the bathroom, ripping wallpaper, and a stained bath tub. Also, good luck taking a shower it is similar to being in category 3 winds of a hurricane, but the hot water will only last a good 8-10 minutes tops. <br><br>When the summer ended, it was time to move into our suite which is where the real problems began. Randomly, two girls moved into our apartment, filled it with tons and tons of boxes, mattresses, dressers, etc. Our apartment was equivalent to an obstacle course. The new roommates were just waiting for us to move out. So day after day we went to the office to try to move out, only to find that our move out date(stated on our lease) was going to be pushed back? Each time we came into the office, we would get the rolling eyes, they never had any answers for us and finding someone who even had a clue what they were doing was like the whole needle in a haystack thing. <br><br>Finally, 3 days after our lease move in date, we moved into a TRASHED apartment, the good news was we didn t even need a key to get in! it was already unlocked, for God knows how many days before we got there. Imagine coming into such a nice suite covered in garbage and bugs galore. 2 weeks later, our apartment was half assed cleaned so we had to go back and clean it again. <br>Yes, Osceola Ridge Suites looks like a great place to live, with its spacious bedrooms that consist of a den, bedroom, kitchenette, bathroom, and your own private entrance, but don t be fooled, the rooms are about as great as the tanning bed that is up and running once every three months. <br><br>The amenities featured here include a computer lab, which is like a small closet with an abacus on a table. Also, the gym has a broken treadmill and maybe 3 or 4 other pieces of equipment in a tiny space, but not to worry, you will get plenty of exercise running up the four flights of stairs because you are so scared of your neighbors. <br><br>Osceola is also a great place to live if you like music, and bumpin --- systems especially between 3-6 am. Don t be surprised to peak out your blinds to see a near preview of an upcoming rap video, people dancing on top of purple cars just about does it for me. Our security guard, who disappeared after Christmas was trying to sell parking permits to one of my friends. Sometimes I wonder if he was moved to accounting, at least that would explain the countless eviction notices that are posted weekly, for unpaid rent that I had receipts for. <br><br>The funniest part of this all is waking up to the doorbell, being greeted by your property manager who begs you to renew your lease with these great offers: the same rates, (the rates are only going up 4 dollars next year), here s the BEST part, YOU GET YOUR CARPETS CLEANED, even though they are supposed to do that anyways?? Seriously wow, and believe me, there aren t enough steam cleaners in the world to get the stains and filth out of the apartment. STAY AWAY AND DON T WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME.<br>
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