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Camaron At Woodcrest



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/23/2012
I think the community is fine I mean it s a apartment complex unless you want to go spend 800 to 900 a month you re not going to get the OMG this nice apartment complex. It always going to be a shady business, no matter which complex you end up at. Now my only complaint about here is the Manager Jessica. I moved in here with one pet. Had to pay 300 hundred dollars for a pet fee. Ok I get it that s in most places have that so no biggie then a additional 30 dollars a month rent because of the weight of my dog. Now that s not what I m upset about either, it was fully disclosed before signing the lease. Even thought that is extremely steep. Now a few months later I was thinking about getting another dog. A small dog less than 15 pounds. Now getting another dog I would have to pay another 300 deposit and then an extra 10 dollars a month. Now since I was already paying 30 extra for one dog I figured I could possibly ask to see if we could get the pet deposit waived at least. So I went in and sat with Jessica. And explained my situation. And she said sir I m sorry the pet deposit is our policy and I can t waive that and I said there s no way of an exception. I mean my apartment is always clean I take care of it and its completely tile. And my rent is always on time, Even a week early. At the end of the day she said no but however she would waive the 10 dollar fee like honestly that would help in anyway. So I decided not to get another dog. But now here s where I feel it s not fair. I was looking here on apartment ratings and came across two reviews in particular. And both replied by the manager herself. First one stating I agreed to waive the additional pet fee ($300 savings). You did not sign the lease or notify the office that you had pets (two small dogs). Read more: http://www.apartmentratings.com/rate/FL-Tallahassee-Camaron-At-Woodcrest-1392304.html#ixzz1ycLHpiFd I love how she puts the two small dogs as that makes a difference I thought it was policy and you just couldn t waive the fee. Ok well now we can see how where it not fair. I have one more for you. Now this I believe will help you decide if you would want to come here. This one states There are policies that I must abide by and I must also treat every resident the same. I cannot offer one resident something without offering it to every resident. Please feel free to come speak with me at your convenience Read more: http://www.apartmentratings.com/rate/FL-Tallahassee-Camaron-At-Woodcrest-1339617.html#ixzz1ycLZgFZN No isn t that just a big fat lie! Like she says she would waive a fee for the resident above, actually someone who didn t even sign a lease at the time but couldn t do it for a current resident? Now how is that treating every resident the same. I hope this opens up your eyes on how things our ran over here, I can guarantee you shortly you will see a comment from here under the post stating some crap, On how the first case was a different situation. Well then don t throw around that it s your policy that s just bull and obviously you decide when you would like to follow your own policy.
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Camaron At Woodcrest

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