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Governor's Square



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/18/2005
I tried to leave a review in October before I moved out. I'm out of this place now - and I can't stress enough how horrible this dump was. <br><br>Maintenance never answered requests; the only way to get anything done was to threaten to call in neglect. We had continuous major bug problems, and several months in a row, pest control never showed up. Yes, it's great that water is included, but these apartments are so old that the electricity needed to get hot water or to do anything is ridiculous. Let's not forget to mention that downstairs apartments do NOT have ceiling fans.<br><br>When we moved from a 2 bedroom to a 3 bedroom, the new place was a wreck. We had been promised G6, but we got G5 - the dumping grounds. There were pink spots on the carpet, the towel racks in the bathroom were hanging halfway off, there was mildew on the ceiling, and there were bugs everywhere: cockroaches, water bugs, fleas. Like I said, it was a dump. If we could have cut and run, we would have, but we'd signed a year's lease when it was G6 we were supposed to get.<br><br>When I moved out, we steamcleaned the carpet till it was twice as nice as it was when we moved in (even if the pink spots remained). We scrubbed everything that wasn't coming with us - and even tried to spray for as many of the bugs as possible. They kept $175 out of our security deposit because they said the carpet and the inside of the stove wasn't cleaned enough.<br><br>All in all, avoid this place at all costs.
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Governor's Square

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