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Planter's Crossing



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/01/2007
When I first moved into Planter's Crossing, I was thrilled! Prime location, cheap rent, screened in porch... it was great. Except, my actually moving day was postponed by a week because my apartment was full of fleas. Not wanting to be living in the apartment that was being bombed, I waited. After a week my two cats and I moved in. And it was fine in winter, but then the weather began to heat up and the situation turned sour. At this point I want to make clear I am an extremely clean person. Bleach and I have a very healthy and close relationship. I typically spend 2-3 hrs every Saturday throughly cleaning (including the cleaning fan blades) my 600sqft apartment. While I may have cats, I hate the "cat smell" and cleaned the litter box daily. Speaking of the litter box, that's where the problem began. I started noticing gnats swarming out of the litter box. This has NEVER happened in the two years I had the cats, and it doesn't happen now. I complained to management that I had a gnat problem and they called the pest company to come out and spray. Still nothing... gnats continued to swarm. I would clean the litter box weekly with bleach... and still gnats. The problem became so bad I couldn't eat in my apartment. Gnats were flying in the cooking, they would fly around your head while sitting on the couch... it was disguisting. Not just a few here and there... but hundreds. I had fly strips covered with dead gnats hanging in my apartment!!!!! I called management dozens of times. They pour bleach down my drains and called pest control. The girl at the front desk even told me her apartment had gnats in summer (like that was supposed to make me feel better). But management blamed it on my litter box saying the gnats were coming from there. That was obsured and impossible, as at this point, I was changing the litter 2x a week and gnats have a longer gestation period then a few days. One day I was home when pest control came and the man told me that gnats were coming from the pipes and a hole in the exterior wall. I covered the drains with bowls coated with vaseline, and sure enough, in the morning, they were peppered with gnats! The pest control man said I was not the problem. The gnats were attrached to the litter box and were coming from the pipes... and basically management would have install new pipes. He went further to say that the pipes were exteremly old and this was one of the worst apartment complexes in Tallahassee. Instead of spending money on a much needed renovation, they let me out of my lease 2mths early. I really loved the location, it was quite, and inexspensive... but I refuse to live with bugs! That's just gross.
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Planter's Crossing

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