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Seminole Suites on Jackson Bluff Road



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jesuschrist33 • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/22/2005
This place blows. The managers are lazy, unconcerned, impossible to understand, and go out of their way to be unhelpful. I wouldn't care about this if i never had to deal with them, but i've had to deal with them on a more than weekly basis. There is always some extreme inconveniance; the locks break preiodically, leaving you stranded for hours while management picks their noses instead of the locks. The fire alarms are periodically "tested" for unknown amounts of time, forcing you to leave your home for the whole day. The internet connections are spotty at best, and the servers aren't designed for college level usage. <br><br>Someone else on this review board refered to the people who live here as "------" Pretty much all of famu lives here, and at 3am every single night, pretty much all of famu drives slowly through complex in their 800 dollar cars, blaring their 3,000 dollar stereo's. The walls are also made out of paper, if the person below you so much as fars, you will hear it. Do not plan on spending any amount of time sleeping or studying here.
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Seminole Suites on Jackson Bluff Road

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