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The Dakota Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/06/2007
Oh well, I don't even know where to start. <br>There's no pool, no gym, no VISITOR parking, high price, and there is LOUSY management. There is only 2 people working at the office and it is very bias because it is a married couple. They seem to make all of their personal issues at home an issue to the residents at the Dakota. They treat their residents like we are their prisoners and talk to us like we are their children or something (which if that's case I feel bad for their kids). VERY IMPORTANT TO KNOW: They refuse give out any information regarding the owners of the property. They don't even give you a website, email or phone number of where to contact them. It's almost as if they are being shady or trying to hide something because they know what a POOR job they are doing. Management does not work 8am-5pm on a regular basis (Unless it's leasing season where they are on the prowl for new victims). Any problems you have with any furniture or the apartment takes forever to fix. Maintenance is very delayed and the one who performs the maintenance is normally the manager himself, he walks into your apartment at whatever time of day or night he wishes as if he were the one residing there and then if you complain he'll ----- about how "tired" he is and how they "don't have money to hire more staff" to work in the 1 miserable building that is there. They are VERY unprofessional, they recently revoked all visitor parking. You get utility overages on a REGULAR basis and they won't tell you any more information or explain WHY you are paying this overage. I WOULD NOT RECCOMEND THIS PLACE TO MY WORST ENEMY, IT IS HORRIBLE THANKS TO ITS MANAGEMENT! (need proof? just ask any of the current residents, we all have collections of the letters they write to us, maybe someday they will be useful for a humungous lawsuit).
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The Dakota Apartments

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