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Arbor Walk



Asmodeus Nyx
Resident · 2015
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Office Staff
I am currently a resident on this property and I will highly advise other people interested in living here DO NOT! What you see is not what you get at all. Despite it being a beautiful property you don't get what is promised. One the gates are always open so it is not a gated community I have lived here since May and none of the gates have been fully operational since we have been here and for not being in the best of areas that is a must so no safety at all. Two the office staff is terrible between not knowing what's going on and their attitude is terrible none of those ladies have good customer service skills at all. Things are not tended to in a timely manner and forget putting in a maintenance request with any of the office you will do it til your blue in the face and until you actually talk to a maintenance person there will not be anything done. Three it is not a peaceful neighborhood at all the cops for months now have been in and out of here many disturbances and a lot of trying to collect people for warrants so that alone should say everything. Four the worst of all children playing all in the parking lot where people drive mind you and it is a busy community so a lot of traffic, leaning on your cars and bumping into them and the complex does nothing about it. The pool is always filthy and with the lack of security people are always smoking weed up there and late at night as well. It is an absolute mess and I can't wait to leave here you don't at all get what you pay for here.
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Arbor Walk

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