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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/30/2007
If you read all of these bad reviews on this website as I did, and still say to yourself "sounds like a decent place to live" be advised of the following:<br><br>1. They will tell you that the show-room model is just like the one bedroom with the den if you "imagine it without the door". I'm here to tell you that this is false. After pointing out to the management team that the den is much, much smaller than the "second bedroom" I was given a look of pity and and a condescending "aw, you are not happy."<br><br>2.Don't think that because you have a paid your security deposit that you are guaranteed an apartment. Quite the contrary, in fact. Make sure to call every couple of weeks until you move into the apartment (especially if you are moving from another state and have no other place to call home) to check that your "promised" apartment is still vacant. They might tell you "the previous tenant vacated early and I'm so sorry but we need someone to move in sooner so we will need to rent it to someone else". It does help in this situation to call someone with legal clout.<br><br>3.Rent a second floor unit unless you enjoy insects and vandalism in your living quarters.<br><br>4.Hold your breath and try not to look too hard when you throw away your garbage. Especially try to avoid noticing the scattering roaches.<br><br>5. Don't pay attention to the fact that when someone moves out, they simply yank out the old carpet and without cleaning out the dead bugs, food and trash, cover the unit with new carpet which is barely even attached to the floor.<br><br>6. Don't EVEN BOTHER trying to use your screen door properly. It will break, and yours will ALSO be propped up against the side of the building just like everyone else's. When you call to have it fixed, they'll replace it with a new, broken and mismatched screen door.<br><br>7. If you have to break your lease for a reason that is legitimate be prepared to be charged! The manager might claim to want to help you and it may "appear" that she is, but she just wants to get you off her back. In my situation, I had to move to another state. I thought that I had paid the necessary fees, penalties, whatever they want to call them until I received a bill in the mail informing me that that I owed a random additional amount. After repeatedly calling the manager to find out what this was for (I called for two weeks, every day), I got in contact with the "manager". She assured me that my balance would be brought to zero (a couple of months ago) and just recently, I have received a note from a collections agency stating that I have "neglected to address this" and so it has been handed over to so-and-so!!!!<br><br>I hope this posting is the one that convinces you... don't make the same mistake I did. Pay a little more, and get a lot more.
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