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Camden Citrus Park



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labortimes • Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/25/2007
I am one person living alone who is out of town 10-12 days a month, and my water bill based on some sq footage calculation comes to 40 dollars a month.<br><br>Add 10 dollars a month for trash and a management service charge.<br><br>The Camden decision to require all residents to pay another 25 dollars a month for valet-trash service regardless of need or use of the service shows that this company is more intrested in profits then the needs of their residents. I work the night shift and can not use this service but am still required to pay for it and store the ugly trash can in my apartment.<br> <br>Valet-trash service means you must put your trash next to your front door(only between 6pm and 8pm)each day.You must take the trash can inside(by 9pm)or risk being fined 50 dollars per day. An outside company hires day laborers to pickup your trash. These interesting characters block the parking lot, while they drive around the complex overstuffing their pickup truck. When the truck hits capacity they take your trash in the complex's dumpster.<br><br>They are warning us that they will fine us for not complying with registering every vistors car to an outside parking service. <br><br>I feel like I have little privacy about my schedule, with all the information I am required to give 3rd party employees who are providing the "services" offered by this complex.<br><br>They are slowly roofing the complex one building at a time.<br><br>The security gates are broken at least 20 percent of the time. The security is a joke.<br>Gates are not locked. Security person moves from one Camden aparment complex to another so is only on the property about 2-3 hours per night. Thank goodness most of the residents are willing to lookout for each other.<br><br>The maintenance people are dedicated and hard working. They have been on top of every big issue that I have seen. The buildings are getting older and have been neglected in the past. My guess is that Camden Corp. has limited how much the management can spend on repairs. <br><br>I am currently living in this complex.<br>Looking for a new apartment, price is not most important but having my landlord tell me how to spend my money rubs me the wrong way.
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Camden Citrus Park

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