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Enclave at Richmond Place



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waynewabash98 • Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/27/2005
As pointed out before, Cindy has the ability to seem sweet and kind to new applicants but once you're in, she doesn't care anymore. Trying to get information from them is like pulling teeth. If you need answers from the leasing office, I hope that you are looking for one word answers, because that is all they seem to have time for current residents. Parking is horrible, take a building that has 60 rooms in it and it sits right across another building with the same, they only have maybe 45 parking spots near the building. They say that visitors should parking in "visitor's parking" but nothing is posted as to where it is located. We have nothing to show to prove who is a visitor or who is a resident. Naturally I live here when they decided to re-do the pavements too. Which yes it needs to be done but it took forever, and to show their appreciation they hand out free car wash passes. It took them over 5 months to redo the drive way to the entrance and to the exit. Anytime I asked about the progress, they seemed annoyed by my questioning and was blown off. I've had friends that have moved out and then get outrageous bills from the office stating fees for ridiculous claims of destruction. I was inside those apartments and they were as clean as the day they moved into the apartment and being charged over $1000 for carpet repair and cleaning. I would not recommend this property to anyone unless you have a bicycle and extra money to spend, and just want the rude one word answers that you should expect from Cindy and her little minions. I was so frustrated that I am hoping to get those around me to file complaints with the corporate office. But I fear repercussions from the local office.
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Enclave at Richmond Place

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