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Falls of Tampa Bay Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/04/2007
I have lived there for a few years and I can tell you that this place used to be...and I emphasis "used to be" an amazing complex to live in, there used to be a security guard that used to stop traffic and phone your apartment and ask if the person who was there can proceed. <br><br>Now, it is simply a nightmare to live there. Let's start off with the surroundings. You have a lot of work trucks, that means one thing, --------. Let me tell you that I've had great Mexican neighbors that were good people and have actually help me moved some furniture without asking. That is the -------- race..helpful without any strings attached...but don't let them get drunk. It's an all out fist fight then.<br>Then there is the mental ward patients...I've personally seen 2 roam the complex, they walk aimlessly around the complex and one in particular ,always ask for a cigarette despite me telling this individual I don't smoke like a hundred times. <br>I'm pretty sure there was a homicide/death here.. All kinds of police were here and roped off an area to an apartment..CSI was there too.<br>Parking is horrible..get in early or else you'll have to park on the other side of the complex or worse , under the garage where more than likely your car will get broken into. FYI, the police department frequents the complex and I've been told that a lot of stolen cars get dumped in the garage. <br>If something breaks in your apartment , forget about it...you might as well fix it yourself. The office staff is well trained in giving you the round around and story telling. You'll often hear them blaming "Corporate" when it's really their incompetence. When they send the maintenance guy to your apartment, he often doesn't know what the hell he is doing and he smells like crap. Oh and be prepared to buy your own A/C filters...the office staff will tell you "they just ran out" and they are ordering more or they'll tell you that " they ordered the wrong ones" and to come back...it's a joke.<br>When it's time to renew , they want to jack up your rent and tell you that "it's market value". They can care less if you're a good resident and pay your rent on time. They have one agenda and one agenda only , they want to keep high utilization by letting in any scumbag off the streets, fix as little as possible to make corporate money and continue to drive off good residents.... I stayed there as long as I did because of it's location and was convenient..The last straw was when I found out the reason why they were so aggressively raising rents..because now they don't even include a washer and dryer like they used to...now they charge you more if you want one or offer the "connections"...all they did was take out the washer and dryers that were already there. This place is horrible and PLEASE DON'T EVEN MAKE THE MISTAKE OF MOVING HERE.
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Falls of Tampa Bay Apartments

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