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Georgetown Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 1993 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/15/2005
Ive been hangin around this place for last 20 years so i feel qulified to post here.This place was once a very well kept quiet friendly place to live. The owners lived here and actually worked in the office.The lawns trees and pools were worked on daily by a hard working get it done group of people. <br><br>To be fair id have to say it was great until about 2 years ago. (the owners no longer live here). For the last 2 years this place has slipped down the hill going faster by the day!! Ive gone from enjoying the neighbors to proping a 2 x 4 under my door knob at night!!! all night long rice rockets with blarring rap music going up and down the street. do i need to describe my neighbors any further then that??<br><br>I was actually told by a friend on the other street someones making porn movies in the apartment next door!!!! Also in this building the police are their every weekend for domestic violence!!! Others have spoken about the security we have( or dont have).If these people have an education above the third grade id be surprised!!! Once again georgetown spares no expence for our safty. Ive drove by the guard on duty on many occasions to see him sitting in a chair with a small tv playing while he rests his head in his hand fast asleep!!!!<br><br>How could someone possibly steal several tanks of gas from residents cars on the same night??? how do you carry 60 or 70 gallons of gas!!! let alone not get caught by our crack security team!!! <br><br>If any long time resident of georgetown doubt my statement here, youll remember the grounds keeper here several years ago. His name was joe. Young fella will a long blond pony tail. A great guy and a damn hard worker. This should prove i didnt just stop by here and make all this up. <br><br>When barb was in the office we had a very strict screening process here. During that time no trash need apply!!! times have changed. Any asshat with the first months rent is welcomed with open arms!!! You dont have to be a genious to figure out whats going on. The owners what to collect as much cash as possible before tearing the place down. <br><br>When that may make good business sence i resent the fact ive lived here for so long only to crapped on and having my neighborhood be turned into some kind of section 8 low income project!! I never thought this place would be over run by people who dont have the sence to buy pants that actually fit!!! They have to keep one hand holding up the front of their pants to keep them from falling down!!! I have no damn desire to know what color your underwear is!!!!<br><br>They say you can tell a neighborhood by the cars in front of the houses.I find theres some truth to that statement. Once fairly nice cars lined the streets. Now the place looks like a junk yard filled with cars waiting their turn to be crushed!!!<br><br>In short, im getting the hell out of this crap hole and i see everyday others are doing the same. All the normal residents are leaving making room for more trash!!!!<br><br>I felt bad when i heard they were tearing it down but not any more. Im buying a home in a neighborhood close to this place. Treaing it down and taking out the trash will help to raise my property value.<br><br>bring on the dozers!!!!<br><br><br><br>
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Georgetown Apartments

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