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Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/01/2005
they are not getting no more rent from me.the big headed chick that lied when i moved in should be fired and also that dominican a/c repair guy you forgot your equipment.thank you.we needed an air blower for my non operating a/c.i also never new that mold was part of my apartment anemities,you should also let people know when there moving next to a pool that a man died in.i would call to complain from home but you need a working phone jack to use the phone so thats why we contact you from work.while im on the subject of thanking you for everything i would also like to thank you for painting my bath tub(3 weeks ago)and never turning my water back on or put back my fixtures.im also still waiting for them to come back and paint my other bath room.when i first moved in i was told that we would have pest control every thursday but im still yet to meet him.(i guess its a real long waiting list).i have 5 legged tenants that i never put on my lease and they dont want to leave or pay rent.my a/c vents look like chow chows with fur growing out of them,ikeep vacuming them but it grows right back.(we groom twice a week)i never new you fix a window by putting a permanent nail thru it.(thank you home depot) i would also like to thank cvs for always asthma pumps on hand i never needed them more.you should also look into getting real security not cowards that sit at the track.have you ever considered trading spaces for apt 157 it could use a real make over. o yeh i love the custom green mold 3demensional paint it really brings out the scenario inside and out. great job on supplying us with central a/c that transport the smell of mold freshner<br>( GREAT FRAGRANCE!!! ) please explain what exactly are the job descriptions for your maintence boys. i appreciate live enterainment with the scuzy world national tournaments in front of my door step. i never new the garbage dumpster was door to door ;) appreciate the service. any job openings i would love unemployment !!! I would appreciate a VIP pass TO LATIN QUARTERS in the middle of cimarron the maintenence boys are half owners ( FREE DRINKS BEFORE WORK thats ALWAYS ) I LOVE THE ROTATING DOOR WAYS cant seem to ever leave the door frame ! real work of art with the mtv crib tolets that DECLINE our deposits ( ACCESS DENIED ) the new and improved dish washer that not only declenses your dishes but also infects. great apprecition for the LITERALLY STAINED WINDOWS since i moved in. One more thing we turn off our water but it still runs ??? WHY ??? THANKS TO YOU WE ARE NOW PROUD STOCK HOLDERS OF WALMART CLEANING UTILITIES. DO ALL YOUR APPARTMENTS HAVE AREA RUGS B/C OURS ARE IN AREAS & SECTIONS WE CAN ACTUALLY VACCUM UNDER OUR RUGS. DONT FEEL BAD IF YOU ADD UP ALL OF OUR VOTES YOU'LL GET A 5 STAR RATING. I'VE MASTERED THE ART OF NAIL WALKING I CAN WALK ACROSS A BED OF NAILS AFTER WALKING ON MY IN HOME CARPET WITH NO BLEEDING OR ANY REAL INJURY. SUPERD CRAFTSMANSHIP TO THE SLIDING CLOSET DOORS THE SLIDE DIRECTLY OFF OF THE RAILS I CAME TO THE CONCLUSION THAT IT IS BEST TO LEAVE THEM OFF. OVERALL GREAT PLACE OF LIVING FRIENDLY PEOPLE ( ONLY NEW YORK ) NICE BIRDS FIELD MICE, TOADS, AND LIZARDS. I LOVE THE VIEW FROM THE SWAMP SIDE AND AM IN TOTALLY GREAT SHAPE DO TO THE ABANDONED FITNESS CENTER. YOUR LOCAL CHILDRENS PLAY GROUND ( FLEA INFESTED I MIGHT ADD ) WAS NOT IN MY APARTMENT PACKAGE. BY THE WAY I HAVE PROOF OF ALL THAT WAS SAID IN THIS REVIEW ( PHOTOS, VIDEO,DOCUMENTATIONS & 30 OF YOUR TENANTS THAT VOUCH FOR EVERYTHING I JUST SAID. OO YEH BY THE WAY THANKS FOR EVERYTHING !! SEE YOU AGAIN IN COURT ;) THIS REVIEW COULD OF BEEN REGARDED IF MY COMPLAINTS WOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN IGNORED !!! TOODLES !!!!
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