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Hidden River Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/25/2007
Evrything the previous two posters said is completely true. I havent had a problem with roaches which is a blessing, but the maint. peole dont so ---- unless you stay o them and hound them every single day. I have been there almost 1 yr and Im still waiting for my front door to be replaced.The very first night we moved in the AC went out an it took maintenace for ever to come and fix it, then the ceiling leaks everytime it rains, they put a tarp on the roof instead of fixing the roof. the electrical outlets dont work maybe one or two throughout the apartment. For some reason they have the outside lights on a timer where they all should come on and go off at a certain time, that never happens its dangerous exspecially coming home after dark an theres no lights at all.<br>I cant wait for my lease to be up in April cause Im getting the hell out of there!<br>The kids in the neighborhood run around early and stay out late, no supervisio at all and the nkids from outside the complex come in and make it even worse, I dont even allow my 10 year old daughter outside!
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Hidden River Apartments

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