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Mezzo of Tampa Palms

15210 Amberly Dr

Tampa, FL 33647



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/27/2007
I lived in the complex from mid '05 to mid '06; and my experience here was a complete disaster. The entire community is falling apart. If you were to examine the porches, you will see that the foundation below them is sliding out, creating large holes in the walls of the buildings. (This was just beginning to happen when I was living there, I can only imagine what it's like now). The apartments management came up with the genious solution to just throw a patch over the hole, and not bother to actually repair the cause of the problem. This seems to be the case with any repair made at the complex, just cover up the problem and continue to cover it up whenever it re-emerges. The office staff is completely incompetent and rude, the maintenence is terrible, they rarely responded to any calls, and when they did, the problem was not repaired. Parking is horrible, I rented a garage, and frequently came home to someone parked in front of my garage, when I called a tow company to have the vehicle removed, they insisted that the management authorize the tow. When I attempted to reach management, they were no where to be found. Noises in the apartment were almost unbearable, the tenant above me sounded like an elephant walking around constantly, and the tenants neighboring my 3rd bedroom wall were up every morning screeming at 2 - 3 AM. The trash constantly overflows, attracting parasites of all kinds, the gate never shut and the few rare times it was closed the remote clicker never worked. There are all sorts of problems with mildew and water leakage in the apartment I lived in, (building 15). No matter how much the unit I lived in was cleaned there was always a lone cock roach to be found scurrying about the apartment. Pest controll rarely if ever showed up, and when they did just unlocked and opened the door to my apartment as if they owned the place. There were always children on the tennis courts screaming and making unpleasant noise (of course their parents were there watching them, but could have carred less as to the behavior of their children). Police were constantly comming in and out of the complex, (and no, this was not the officer who lived there, it was one responding to a call) walking around the lots at night is very dangerous. As to all the dog poop outside, you can thank me for that (especially buildings 22, 21, 16, and 17)! I started out scooping them up, but then realized what a dump the place was and figured I was wasting my time, so I left them were they dropped, to let the place know exactly what I thought of it. If you're looking for a place with management who have no concern for your business, maintenence who has know clue how to repair anything, lound, unsightly grounds and some of the worst living around, come to Bristol Place and you'll get exactly that!
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Mezzo of Tampa Palms

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