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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/19/2007
I lived in the excellence for 2 years, in 2 different apartments though. I had to move out the first year into another room, because when I came home late one night I saw a rat run across my bedroom floor. It seemed like it vanished away because I saw him run toward the cabinet that wasnt open. after I built up enough courage to go check it out to see where he went, i notice that it was a big hole underneath the cabinet. So i thought that the rat made a hole to escape previously and had been always coming out each night. To my surprise I woke up the next day (well actually i stayed up, because i am scared of rats) waiting for the leasing office to open up so i could make a complaint. On the way there I spoke with the maintenance guy, and told him about the hole and rat. After talking to him, it was certainly clear why the hole was there, apparantly, he said that they created the hole underneath the cabinet so the rat wont eat other things. So it was apparent to me after that conversation, that the Excellence certainly knew about their rat problems. After talking to the leasing office staff. I asked them to move me to another apartment. or let me break my lease. Didnt seem like they wanted to do neither. But finally they agreed to move me to the back to the newer apartments, not to mention, giving me a discount on my rent. I thought it was a such good idea, i could not pass up that opportunity (such a mistake!). After moving to the back it seem promising, only accept it had a major roach problem! And not just any roaches either. These roaches are the ones that are still alive after you spray them with a can of raid. I can remember spraying one of them out on my porch, with what felt like a half of can of raid. Only to watch him run around the porch for 45 mins, because he had no where else to go to because the porched was screened in. After about 50 minutes, he mustve been tired. because he stopped running! rested on his side, and mustve fallen asleep because after I woke up in the moring to pick him up with a tissue, to flush him down the toilet. I apparently woke him up, because he was still alive. So the roach ended up drowing to death, because the poison didn't kill him after 14 hours. After these negative things, it seemed like my stay could only improved. And, i notice the improvement when I cam home from USF one day, and saw my car windows taped up, because someone had broke in my car during the day and stole my radio. But good thing i had a friendly neighbor to tape up my window, only half of my car was flooded from the afternoon rain showers. And to my surprise, the leasing office didnt care about the break in. When i went to go tell them, they were just like, they were sorry to hear that! The rest of my stay at the excellence went a little faster, because I got used to seeing the roaches. They were like guest, Hell, i am an athlete, What is one more competition? only now i am just competing for apartment space. At night instead of counting sheep, I counted my days until my lease expired. _ One good thing i must admit about the apartment, was their maintenance staff. because all though the were over worked, - it was only two of them. they always kept a smile on their face. Besides, they could not help it that their monthly pesticides that they used had no effect on the rodent population. - sincerely
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