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Resident · 2010 - 2012
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I have had my heating system completely fail on the following dates: 11/11/11, 12/8/11. On both of those occasions the temperature in my apartment was 46 degrees. The first time that I left a message I was told I had left it on the non-emergency line & I didn't get a response until the next day. The 2nd time I left it on the emergency line & it was at least 3 hrs later. I complained to management & they didn't show the slightest hint of concern in their voice. Why should they, they're getting my money & they were able to sleep in a warm home. The kitchen light has been repaired twice in a matter of months & the 2nd time it was wiring issue. This is why they strongly encourage you to get renter's insurance. If the faulty appliances cause a fire you need to make sure you're covered, because I'm sure they won't be concerned. They claim there's a sauna, but that's not true. It's been broken since before I got there. When you have noisy neighbors they tell you to call the police rather than attempting to get the neighbor to stop. On 2/18/11 my A/C system failed & the 1st apt. technician repaired it wrong & hot air was blowing out then a 2nd one came to correct the matter. They are constantly repairing the same things w/out even apologizing for the inconvenience. I've had large spiders from outside enter the cracks in the doorway & had to suggest they put a seal around the door. On occasion the apt. complex throws loud parties. I guess to encourage college students to stay. They don't allow early termination despite the numerous & recurring problems & are really not interested in showing any empathy once they've gotten your money. There are better places in the area I assure you.
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