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Resident · 2016
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Office Staff
Park Avenue is probably the worst place you can choose to live. First off let's start off with the fact the when you go to view the apartment they don't actually show you any of the actual units, they only show you their model apartment. Of course it's going to clean and free of bugs. So I moved in with my two roommates to one of their three bedroom apartments. We were surprised to discover BLACK MOLDin the bed rooms and ROACHES every where. They were also crawling around our fridge. We tried to talk to management about the black mold on the day of our move in and they just shrugged it off. Just a PSA for everyone who doesn't know: Black mold can be VERY toxic and make you sick. Now not every black mold is toxic but you can't take chances and having ANY type of mold in an apartment is against health codes. So the weekend goes by and the mold was still there and I had the pleasure of talking to Park Avenues property manager ------. ------ is the rudest, most inconsiderate, ---------- person I have ever talked to. Apparently the mold in my apartment was making is day bad. So make sure not to inconvenience him too much with "silly" issues like mold or roaches. And after further inspection of this "lovely" apartment we found rotted wood and water damage. But guess what? Management didn't want to fix it, they told us we could "get out of our lease" and they would rent it out again. Okay want to hear the fun part: the day we went to turn in our keys, management explained they we would be responsible for this apartment until they could rent it out again. So basically "letting us out of a lease" means just kidding you're actually breaking the lease so pay up. This apartment was inhabitable. The funny thing is that they didn't want to disclose the roach problem to future tenants so they told us to keep that problem hush hush. Who in the hell has to ask if an apartment has roaches?! It she be an automatic NO! But Not Park Avenue they don't have a roach problem unless you specifically ask. So put that on your list of questions to ask when touring this place, that's if your standards are low enough to even consider this place. They promised us an apartment the was clean and habitable. We did not get that at all. Please do yourself a favor and don't even think about this place. Avoid this place like the plague. I will never recommend this place to anyone I know or to anyone reading this hopefully. So final rating: 0/10.
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