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Promenade at Tampa Plams



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Kimber7 • Resident 2005 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/28/2007
I have been living here since late 2005. I had no problems since I have been living here. Parking is great, the floor plans are very good for the price and I never had any noise problems from cars in the parking lot or loud neighbors. No crime as far as I know of and never had a bug issue. Plus, my water was included with the rent and my ac bill has never been over $86.00, most of the time it is less then that and we keep it at 70-75 degrees.<br><br>Ever since they changed over to new management this place is great and they are leasing now and not going to condo. I never had a problem with the staff and maintenance has been great and they have an after hour phone # to call maintenance if you may need them to fix something.<br><br>Yes, the water pressure does suck and I do hate that...it's not bad in the shower or tub, but for some reason when you want to do dishes in the sink the water pressure sucks.<br><br>I hate to leave this place b/c I had such a pleasent time living here, it feels like home after awhile. Unfotunately, I have to move closer into Tampa b/c of commute stress. I will tell you that I have not been happy with my apartment search, your paying twice as much for a old smaller apartment, and it seems like there is crime and people stealing things out of peoples cars... and bug and mold problems...this is what I have to deal with for more money!! I know it's for the location, but I don't want to pay more for less.<br><br>Overall, if I did not have to move I would still be living here!
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Promenade at Tampa Plams

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