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Resident · 2012 - 2014
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Office Staff
The name is now Puritan Place Apartments. My husband has lived here for more than 2 years and I have been here since December 2012. Keep in mind that I am typing this as I listen to my downstairs neighbor blast latino music which has been vibrating my floor for the past 1.5 hours so I may be a tad irritated at the moment. The good things is that she keeps her loud music episodes designated to Sunday mornings only. We have dealt with loud booming music from car stereos every day since we have been in this complex. The good thing is that the people on this side of the complex (off of 50th) seem to have better sense than the people on Sims Inlet and will turn the music down if they know you are being disturbed. This complex changed office and maintenance staff right before Thanksgiving. This was not a change for the better. At least the previous staff was polite. The current staff makes it very obvious that they don't get paid to be friendly or even helpful. Part of the reason we liked this complex, beside the cheaper rent (trying to pay off bills), was that the staff was friendly and helpful. When my husband had major issues with his previous neighbor (loud asinine man who cussed and became threatening when asked to turn his loud booming car stereo down), Deena allowed him to move into a quieter portion of the complex ~ I don't believe that would happen with the new staff. We have been unable to get a straight answer regarding whether the security guard still works in the evening but considering the car hasn't been onsite lately, our guess is that security went bye bye at the same time as the previous staff and maintenance. The walls are thin, we can see the light outside around our door sill (which has supposedly been fixed by maintenance) and when the wind blows the blinds move. We way more in electric than we should due to this. Generally know that this complex is about getting bodies into the empty apartments so you WILL have to deal with ignorant, stereotypical '------' people who are loud as hell, believe they have the right to blast music at all times of the day/night, and are generally trashy and/or disrespectful of the property. Am I being too harsh? Well, considering I step over trash every morning to go to work and found a bullet casing in my gas cap less than one week ago, I would say no. Yes the rent is cheap but I would recommend going somewhere else if you can afford it as I suspect the personnel changes may not bode well for people who work, need to get their sleep and prefer to be in a quiet environment.
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