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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/20/2005
I'm not exactly sure where to start because everything, and I mean everything about this place sucks. To start, when we moved in, we informed the office that our toilet would constantly run. Instead of fixing the problem, the maintenance man came over to the apartment and had the nerve to tell me to just "stick my hand in the back and do it yourself." That was almost four months ago. To this day, we have called the office at least four times to have the problem fixed. The last time they were here to "fix it for good," you would not believe what the maintenance man did. Not only did he NOT FIX THE PROBLEM, but he left the old parts to the toilet in the bathroom. WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THEM? Keep them as a memento? Not only is that disgusting, but it truly reflects on the quality of personnel that work here.<br><br>Next issue: parking. What a joke!! They do not have ample parking as it is, but they actually have the audacity to write the residents warning tickets and threaten to tow your vehicle if you park in a guest spot. Considering that the residents obviously have to pay to live there, you would think that they would give us a break and take the time to realize that maybe the reason why we park in the guest spaces is because THERE ARE NO RESIDENT PARKING SPACES AVAILABLE. Why should we have to park our vehicles at another building? The first time this happened I was informed by the manager that she would talk to the courtesy patrol and make sure it never happened again. Two nights later, I received another ticket stating "I have warned you before." The wanna be traffic cop was obviously under the impression that my vehicle was there for more than 2 consecutive days, but if he would have paid any attention at all, he would have noticed it was not in the same spot! According to the manager they were going to re-do the parking lot to provide more resident parking, but I have yet to see that done.<br><br>What else...Our kitchen sink has been leaking from the day we moved in and they still have not fixed it. Apparently, when a light bulb goes out in your apartment (refrigerator light, bathroom light) it is the RESIDENT'S responsibility to fix it. Our neighbor's play the bass on their stereo's so loud that it caused the pictures on our walls to fall down. Do you think anything has been done to rectify the situation? Yeah right. That would require good management.<br><br>This is the first time I have ever written a review for an apartment, but trust me...I would not recommend this place to a hooker on crack.<br>
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