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Sandanay & Stonehenge Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/20/2004
I currently live on the Stonehenge side of this hellhole. From the first week of living here my apartment was broken into, and I should have learned then. The manager PETE COLVIN likes to present a very nice pleasing facade, but I've learned he can be real nasty to you. I've complained every month about problems: leaky faucet, burned out light fixtures, lighting outside my door, no fire extinguisher. He'll tell you "we'll get that fixed right away" and I'm still complaining about it. <br><br>Recently he's starting making all the residents pay their own water bills, but I havent paid mine yet. He's such a smooth criminal that he hasn't had water meters installed for the individual apartments, so he gets a bill for the whole building and split the amount between the residents. My first problem with this is that I signed my lease for my water bill to be INCLUDED when I pay my rent. He didnt make me (or anyone else) sign anything additional to accept this new arrangement, he only put a note on everyone's door. And I have a problem paying for someone else's water usage. And the price for sewage is outrageous!!! I don't flush my toilet that much. I'm seeing things done around here that is so unnecessary, like the wood trimmings around the flower beds. We dont need that, fix these apartments!!!!<br><br>And yes, there are sexual predators/offenders living in this complex. I had to find that out by looking on the web<br><br>And one more thing that pisses me off about the landlord. We just went thru the preparation for FOUR hurricanes, being affected by two of them. Alot of us had to spend money to get supplies for these storms. AFterwards some of us had to totally replenish our food supply since we were out of power and food went bad. This heartless b*stard didn't care and still wanted his rent in full on time. "That's not an excuse" is what he tells me when I explained to him why I needed to be late in October. WTF You would think he cared, but he didn't. Karma can be an ugly thing my friend.....<br><br>So my advice is not to even think of living here. You'd be better off sucking on a sticks of c4 dynamite or stepping out in traffic on Fletcher. TRUST US ON THIS!
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Sandanay & Stonehenge Apartments

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