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13129 North 19th Street, Tampa, FL 33612
13129 North 19th Street, Tampa, FL 33612

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Sandanay & Stonehenge Apartments



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Resident 2000 - 2001 Not Recommended

Reviewed 02/27/2007

I was a tenant there for 1 long miserable year. It seemed tranquil at first until the drama unfolded. Pete Colvin is a pervert and has no management skills what so ever! I broke my back after falling off the 2nd story balcony from a missing screw in the rail that moved from side to side. Couple of weeks later he decided not to renew our lease which was fine with us. He did infact mistreat his pets by pulling them by ropes that were tied around their necks and very malnurished to where you could see the bones. Worst of all he wore the same faded white/pink striped shirt with faded green shorts and tall socks with gray velcrow shoes everyday and he smelled! Don't dare get on his bad side for making a complaint or your on his hit list for good! Though if you are a prostitiute he will be your best friend and best customer. During the hottest summer ever we had no AC do you think he cared when neighbors slept outside of their doors. Lots of elderly mugged unfortunately. And yes he has a snaggle tooth. DON'T WASTE TIME BY SAVING MONEY! BELIEVE ME YOU ARE BETTER OFF BROKE!
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Sandanay & Stonehenge Apartments

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