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Sandanay & Stonehenge Apartments



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PuterChickFL • Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/01/2008
I endured the torture of this place for almost two years but I had to break the lease. PETE COLVIN is the scum of the earth as I know it. When you are coming in as a new resident, he seemed to be the nicest man ever. He even gave me the impression he was a good christian fellow. WRONG. Things went wrong before I was even there for a week. someone broke into my apartment. At the time they had a working camera on the property, however he didnt feel it necessary to view the tapes of someone walking off with a computer, microwave and other things. so fast forward about 8 months, we started having major plumbing problems. they'd cut the water off for days, then I discovered that there is one meter that feeds ALL of the apartments!! In the middle of my lease he decided to put a note on everyone's door and basically say "you'll be paying a water bill". I refused. I told him to his face that I will not pay for anybody elses water, the way the bills were produced is he'd get one bill, and split it equally among all residents. I didnt have a dishwasher or washing machine, I washed dishes maybe once a week and showered daily, my water bill should not equal $60 from that. then he raised the prices on the washers and dryers to incredible prices. $2 to dry my clothes for 30 minutes!?!??!?! and of course that's if they worked. I paid my normal rent and never the water bill. So he sent me fake eviction notices with personal threats. We fought over this until I was able to move out a few months later. I reported him to the housing people and filed an official complaint and told him i better not see anyting on my credit behind it. and it hasnt showed up either. i even remember a lady's water header stopped working. instead of just replacing it, they tore this lady's kitchen to pieces trying to fix it (the water heater is under the kitchen counter), and water flooded the whole apartment, come to find out that was RAW SEWAGE and it stunk to high heaven. so then they cut the water off to fix it. the water was off for almost a week. I think alot of people moved out around that time cause we were pissed! we couldnt take showers, cook or even flush the toilet. there was rumors of Pete "messing" with his animals, but I could never find any proof. I do know he took interest in cats....and it's funny, he still wore the striped pink and white shirt when i was there. My advice....you'd be better off living under a bridge than going to this place.
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Sandanay & Stonehenge Apartments

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