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The Park at Lake Magdalene



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/22/2007
My sister has lived here since last August and they have had nothing but problems with this place. The very first day they moved in the air conditioner was broken. That should have been a good clue of what was to come!<br><br>Black mold has started to spread on the walls and carpet in the living room. After numerous phone calls to have this fixed nothing has been done. It has been several months and the mold has continued to grow causing all the girls to get sick all the time. It's disgusting and not something that should ever be over-looked. <br><br>Last Friday someone tried to break in through the sliding glass door. The only thing that stopped this person was the lock my dad installed on the very top of the door. As a result of this attempted break-in the regular lock on the door is completely off and the screen was unscrewed as if someone tried to come in through the window. After telling the manager, it was basically dismissed and no one has even so much has been there to replace this broken lock or fix the screen. THEY DO NOT CARE.<br><br>The ceiling is also sagging and the shower has been leaking for months. All the lights in the parking lot are busted and after many attempts to try and get those fixed, they still don't work.<br><br>Do not move here. It is unsafe and unhealthy and the management could care less about anyone who lives here. <br><br>They are in the process of trying to break the lease right now and if a lawyer has to be called then that is what will be done. That seems to be the only thing that can get these peoples attention.<br><br>THE PLACE IS A MESS! DO NOT LET THE NICE LANDSCAPING FOOL YOU!
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The Park at Lake Magdalene

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