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Town and Country Apartments



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karenadams • Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/21/2007
When my fiance and I were looking for a new apartment, we we pleasently surprised by the Town and Country complex. At first it seemed quiet, and the floor plans were impressive for an amazing price. We had requested to move in a few days prior to the start of the lease and agreed to pay a prorated amount for those days. When it came time to move in, I called the complex and asked if the apartment was ready. I was horrified when they complex manager told us our apartment was rented. She found another one bedroom that had been what can only be described as abandoned. Reluctantly we moved in and took LOTS of pictures. <br>There will never be enough time or space to write about all of the problems in this complex but here are just a few of the major issues we have had. The saturday before Christmas our bedroom flooded because of construction the complex was doing without a permit. We called the office every day at least twice daily for fifteen days to get the problem fixed. When we withheld rent and sent them a certified letter stating we would go to court they finally "patched" the problem. They replaced half of the wall that was virtually desryoed, but you can still smell the mold in the lower portion of the wall. When we told them we were willing to pay half of the rent for the month, they told us the best they could do was take $200 off for the month.<br>This complex is rampant with crime and gangs. People let their children run wild and their pets roam. I have at least three drug dealers in my building alone. We have a next door neighbor who brings vagrants from the woods across the street to do who knows what in his apartment.I have been called racial slures because I am one of the few non -------- or african american residents. The two apartments downstairs from us have been broken into and several cars have been vandalized. So I warn all who are impressed with the square footage for the price. If you choose to live here, get really good insurance and a firearms permit!
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Town and Country Apartments

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