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Tzadik Oaks



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Office Staff
against_crime • Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/13/2005
One thing I don't understand is how management can get away with giving all these drug addicts, criminals, people who are mentally ill that shouldn't even BE out in society and child molesters a place to stay. Yes, I said child molesters, too. ESPECIALLY when this place is RIGHT down the road from an elementry school. I looked up local child molesters and there is one residing on premises. I guess it has something to do with the Fair Housing Act...and the fact that they really don't care, as long as they get their money on time. I think it's funny how management posts notices on everyone's door stating they can't have anything on the walkways-yet people have GARBAGE sitting outside their door all week long. Notices that state they won't tolerate DRUG ACTIVITY and other types of criminal behavior, when the majority of those who get notices are dealing drugs from their appartments and are involved in criminal behavior themselves. For instance, the new people who live to the right of me that just moved in. Not even a week and already the bathroom window is broken out..which is a common trend around here. Another example are the other new people that just moved in right around the 1st of September. EVERY SINGLE NIGHT they have the door open, music BLARING and there's about 12-13 people sitting all along the stairway "Rolling Blunts" in PLAIN VIEW...but management doesn't tolerate drug activity. They permit it from what I can see. This is NOT an exaggeration, there are about 5 people living in one apartment, I doubt all of them are on the lease. Speaking of the lease, the office management violates that as well. I won't say exactly what part of the lease, but it's some thing stated on the front page. I will follow up with this comment once I see this violation again. I will be contacting a few attorny friends of mine and a few other sources to try and get this place exposed, even if it involves media. All of this needs to stop. The only thing good at University Oakwoods is one of the maintenance guys.
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Tzadik Oaks

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