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University LinQ



Resident · 2019
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Office Staff
I would give 0 stars if that was possible. I moved my two sons and a friend into University LinQ South. We were very excited after our initial tour and all of the wonderful things the staff told us about living here. We were told that all of the units would be clean, updated and ready for move in. We were sold on the great security and wonderful amenities that we were told exist. What could there possibly be to dislike?? Let me tell anyone who is considering living here, or moving your child here, that it is the biggest mistake you could ever make. You will ABSOLUTELY REGRET IT. We opened the door to a filthy, smelly, roach infested and disgusting apartment. There was old food in both the fridge and the cabinets. Dog hair everywhere and pet stains throughout, even after requesting a non pet room because of asthma issues. None of the living areas were clean and there is mold in the laundry room. The ceiling in the kitchen was falling down and there was water leaking in when we opened the door. This is what they consider a clean and move in ready apartment. We spent the day scrubbing and it was still filthy. The paint was filthy. The blinds were disgusting. The laundry room is disgusting. The appliances had not seen a cleaning in a VERY LONG time. I ended up calling our own pest control company because the infestation was so bad. Roaches crawling all over the walls and in the appliances. Not only is this disgusting, but this is a severe sanitation issue. Honestly, if the health department were to come out and look around then they would probably have some serious violations. Don't expect security because the gates are broken and anyone can come and go as they please. They do not even give out openers for the gate so it will probably be open indefinitely. Each tenant pays for a parking sticker but it is not enforced and anyone can come in. Definitely a security issue. Basically anyone can come in from the streets and have access to your children. Amenities?? Nope, those are also a no go unless you go while staff is there because they did not give out access keys for those spaces. If you are coming for the amenities, do not bother. Then you have the valet trash that you pay for.....forget that too. There are no bins for any of the apartments so you have trash all over. It looks lovely with trash bags all over. I am sure this is great for the bug problem as well. Another issue is the fees they charge as late fees after telling people that they were to pay on move in day. This is a complete scam and another way for them to make money on a slum complex. We have been told numerous times that these fees would be credited back to our account and this still has not happened. I will not be surprised if it never happens at this point. Also make sure your children lock their bedroom doors because the staff will come in whenever they want with no email or phone call. This includes outside vendors. The only concern that was addressed because I was adament about the severe ramifications to the health of my son was the carpet. The pad and carpet was stained and saturated with animal urine. Do not sign a lease here. If I could go back and do it again....we would run the other way. This is very disappointing and it is sad to see this company taking advantage of students in this way. It is dishonest and completely misleading. The one redeeming quality is the fast and reliable Internet. Oh wait! They just changed that too so now you will be lucky to get any reliable connection. I honestly hope University Linq comes on here and addresses my issues. Gives me a contact for someone above Gary. That they actually fix all of the issues that exist. This has been a terrible experience!
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University LinQ

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