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University LinQ



Former Resident · 2018 - 2020
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Office Staff
This has got to be the most Karen review ever for a 23 year old but if you are a parent shopping for your new coming college student do not sign here. I apologize in advance for this list of issues, just want to be straightforward and help someone out. This apartment is advertised as a college student living facility yet there are full families and older adults that may sign with you within your unit... I had multiple issues here and the staff / management of the company does not care about the residents what so ever, just if you pay your rent. Yet, they would not provide me a receipt upon paying my rent and then I had to fight with them as they stated they didn't get my payment. Which they took. I feel as if this violates some kind of legality out there. Upon initially moving in, you provide maintenance with the list of issues that are wrong (which should have been fixed before you move in) they will not come fix them. Ever. The unit I was given had black mold and instead of cleaning properly or offering to assist the residents, they simply spray painted white over the problem areas. As someone with breathing issues this was most definitely a problem and was never fixed. The locks were never changed from when previous residents moved out and this woman's boyfriend CAME BACK INTO OUR UNIT AFTER SHE MOVED OUT. There were also FLEAS, GNATS, & OTHER BUGS that took over the unit. WE DID NOT OWN ANIMALS. UlinQ advertise having gates making the facility a "safer" environment for students but the gates have not been shut in the two years I resided with them. The visitor parking is all the way at the back of the property where drug deals and cops hang out making it very uncomfortable to have anyone over. And the parking spaces barely fit a smart car so you couldn't even get out of your car if someone parked next to you! My packages were lost or mixed up on multiple occasions or the office would randomly close down with no announcement and wouldn't be able to pick it up for days. And for the icing on the cake, during my last month of living there as I was moving in-between there and my new apartment, THEY TOOK THE WHOLE BED OUT OF THE BEDROOM. I was still paying rent and trying to live there. I wish I had made this all of this up, Thanks for reading! Don't sign here lol
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University LinQ

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