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University LinQ



Former Resident · 2020
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Office Staff
If you're coming from the USF website, specifically the affiliated apartments section I recommend you run from university linq. Also, notice how all of the 5 star reviews are from those who DO NOT live here. As a graduate student who recently finished 4 years of undergrad I rather stay in a one room dorm then be subjected to stay here any longer than I have to. Safety and accessibility 1/5 -The elevator is only turned on during move in weeks (if you have mobility issues the only option is stairs) stopped working in August and briefly worked again in late march -apartment gate has NEVER been in working condition which is concerning considering we are located on a street with heavy foot traffic and many people roaming the development. NOT CLOSED DURING THE RIOTS THAT TOOK PLACE A BLOCK AWAY FROM THE COMPLEX IN LATE MAY. Several times a swarm of police has been present to arrest, detain, or interview suspicious activity from people of all ages around the complex who have strolled right in the broken gate. -security is horrendous and nonexistent (cameras or otherwise) -my roomate's car was broken into and office management proclaimed that it "wasn't their issue" -we've had cops come to the door asking us for leads about suspicious activity around the development -several of the parking lot lights have never been in working condition even after submitting a request to have it fixed resulting in extremely dark and dangerous conditions for students coming home at night -maintenance people do not have marked shirts, they come to the door dressed however which can raise questions about who works for the property and who is just showing up at our door Amenities 3/5 -I never received an access card to the gym -the trash valet comes when they feel, not when they're scheduled however we are charged for this regardless. When they don't come at all (which has happened for up to a week) the hallways smell of trash which can attract vermin -I assume they clean the pool but not even a winning lottery ticket at the bottom would encourage me to go in -the office sends out emails with random rules and regulations that are ever changing and sporadically going into effect Unit 2/5 -our apartment had mold over the vent that was not cleaned prior to move in -none of the in room mini fridges are of standard -my room had a hole so big that a lizard crawled out of it (photo attached) -ant problem in my bathroom that I've personally had to attend to as management has only placed one small sticker trap under the sink -bathrooms show MAJOR wear and tear. Floors in my roomates bathroom were warped due to water, my bathroom counters are literally splitting at the seams. -provided living room tv does not work on any setting besides HDMI The good: -the students working in the office are exceptionally nice -there are monthly events in the office that are worth going to -shockingly, no one has broken into our apartment yet -comes furnished and the rooms are a decent size -there's a beach volleyball court -no problems with washer and dryer -there are visitor spaces Ultimately I recommend you check out halo 46 or the retreat as I have friends who live at both and upon visiting several times I've noticed they're consistently well kept. University linq (specifically south) is a DIRTY and UNSAFE environment that is not accessibility friendly and falsely advertised.
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University LinQ

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