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West Park Village by ARIUM



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/21/2007
Makes you say hmmmm. My 19 yo duaghter and I visited this comlex after I had phoned to ask about availability...a good selection I was told. We got there and began the process the staff were horribly un- professional ans didn't really seem intersted...just going through the motions. After seeing the very well presented models we asked to be shown the vacant appartment that would be my daughter's home for at least the next year....sorry not allowed we were told, I asked them if they exoected me or anyone else to commit to $12,000.00 plus over the next year, thats the rules I was told...ok I asked at least show us the building and location of the a appartment, not allowed to says very bored guide...we insisted and were taken for a spin in the golf cart to an area that seemed to be mostly garages with appts above,which one I asked that one with a vague point of finger. I'd really like to at least poke my head in the door my daughter said..no she almost shouted.<br>The view was of other garages with lids on and looked almost like low income type appts.<br>I made more noise about not renting site unseen,she didn't seem to care...dropped us off and walked away.<br>Now I should point out, I was dressed in a suit and tie,my daughter in pants and jacket both very proffessional in attitude etc.Drove a new Lexus etc etc. It seemed very obvious to me that this woman had no interest in renting to my daughter,in fact looking back it seems to me that she was doing her best to put her off.<br>Color, race etc do not play a factor here.<br>Is it that the woman we met was just very bad or had an axe to grind with management...or was it something deeper? maybe they just don't want young single girls in their complex....age discrimination????.<br>Next week I'll have an answer, I'm sending a couple of people of diferent ages and a couple who have just married (employees of mine) over to enquire regarding 1 bed appts....I wonder if they can get a look inside an appartment the wish to rent.<br>I report back.....as i said makes you want to say hmmmm.
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West Park Village by ARIUM

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