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Wildwood Acres



Resident · 2013
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Office Staff
We moved here from out of town, and chose this place because of the backyard for a our two dogs. We were given a choice of three apartments to choose from, and we mistakenly chose a newly remodeled one without a covered back patio; if you must live here get a covered back patio. These apartments are old, and that's fine, but we found the staff used that as an excuse not to fix things. And as with most complexes, the grounds are nice in the front and neglected the farther back you go. Even walking into our new place we were mostly disappointed. There's a fan in the master and living room, and an overhead light in the kitchen and guest room. The closets look like they were built in a high school wood-shop class; a wooden pole for hanging clothes and a couple of sagging wooden boards above that, no lights. There are windows in every room, however only 2 of them actually opened. The rest wouldn't stay open, didn't have locks, or in the case of our living room has had a dead lizard in it for who know how long and won't budge open. Only two of our doors actually latched shut until we complained to the office twice. Of our supposedly new appliances, the fridge doesn't close correctly, the dishwasher's liquid dispenser can't open all the way because the top dish rack is too close and doesn't dry at all. Our apartment had new tile put in the kitchen and bathroom(with no exhaust fan), but the maintenance crew left all of the grout dust for us to clean up even after we talked to the office about it. From our extensive move in inspection sheet, they only fixed one thing, not including the exposed wiring from the outdoor back patio light. Maintenance here is a joke, often jerry rigging things until they break a couple months later, and leaving a mess behind them. On top of our monthly rent, which really isn't that bad, they have a garbage collection fee, required renter's insurance, a utility collection service fee, etc... all adding to an unexpected 40 bucks to our rent each month. If you get the apartments with a washer/dryer shed out in your backyard (a shed with nails protruding from it like hellraiser), that's included in your 'living space' as it's advertised at 1000 square feet, instead of the actual 900. Despite weekly bug spraying (if you can remember to lock up your dogs the entire day so they can come in for five minutes) we have several bugs along with a sugar ant infestation, which isn't helped by not having a garbage disposal; something we didn't realize we'd miss until we didn't have it. If you're single and attending college or work close by, it'll probably suit your basic needs. Surprisingly there aren't a lot of college kids being right next to USF. Except for the barking dogs (given it is a dog oriented complex) it's fairly quiet. However, being a complex of duplexes, hope your neighbors are quiet, because you will hear them. Personally, we have had too many problems from the get go. Maintenance is all but non existent, the office staff is nice until you bring up an issue in which case they become antagonistic. We have decided to break our lease in favor of something better.
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Wildwood Acres

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